Installation & configuration

Please read the installation instructions before you start, so you dont't run into any problems.


To upgrade from previous versions of jforum is very easy and painless. We always work hard to make the process the easiest possible.

If you are going to upgrade your jforum installation, check out the instructions here.


If you ran into a problem, check out the bug reporting tool.

JForum uses JProfiler to enhance its performance and stability.


Don't forget to check out the installation instructions page.

License agreement

The current version of jforum is the result of years of work of many people, who have spent thousands of hours developing the software, and is licensed under the terms of the BSD Open Source license.


Files for version 2.1.9 (stable)

Download jforum ZIP package

Download jforum source code


Files for version 3.0 (beta)

Download jforum 3 source code

To get the latest source code version, please check out