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A project only evolves with feedback of users and contribution - be it programming, documenting, making graphics and so other many areas - of so many valuable people. Met some of the people who helped - or are still helping - JForum to grow.

People come and go all the time. Many times we receive help because an user needs some feature more quickly, or then he / she got some free time to contribute for a while, and is that kind of contribution which makes the project grow up.

Name Role
Rafael Steil Lead, Project Founder
Rafael Carneiro Lead
monroe Part of the JForum Team in the forums
James Yong Did a lot of helping fixing bugs
Marc Wick HSQLDB implementation and maintanance, as well de_DE translation
Dmitriy Kiriy Base Oracle implementation
Per Johansson Fixes for XTHML
Pieter Olivier A lot of misc help in the very beggining
Sérgio Umlauf Primary website layout
Pablo Marutto The JForum Logo (old version)
Quan Nguyen Vietnamese language support
David Almilli Polls, Hibernate and Lucene
Jake Fear Oracle Fixes, Hibernate and Lucene
Armando Ramos es_ES translation
Vladislav Malyshkin Lots of fixes / improvements
Marcin Nowacki Polish (pl_PL) translation
Kamen Elenkov, Tzvetelin Vassilev Fixes to the Configuration engin
Thomas Siegenthaler Oracle fixes
David Haila XML parsing fixes
Greg Wilkins Italian (it_IT) translatin
Robert Peters Oracle Fixes
Per Lindberg LDAP and SSO
Samuel Santos pt_PT translations
Mark Page JForum integration and additional SSO code
Alexander Sgibnev Russian (ru_RU) translation
Vladimir Slaykovsky Russian (ru_RU) translation
Andowson Chang Traditional Chinese language support, bug fixing and other development
Jakob Vad Nielsen Norwegian translation, bug fixing and new features
GatorBait3 Part of the JForum tem in the forums